A Lack of Colour


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Hello, for those of you wondering—I am still alive. Will only be contactable via Whatsapp / email until…. I-have-no-idea-when.

Please do not fb message / tweet / skype me urgent information because I will not be on any of those. In desperate need of a break to figure a lot of things out, as soon as possible.

Till then.



Bring me a higher love

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“If you need a job to give you a life, you either need a new job or a new life.”


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1. Surround myself with people I love and admire (I have learnt that birds of a feather, really do flock together), people who loves me because they care and appreciate me—and not because they feel empty / lonely. I am not mighty / great, but that doesn’t mean I need to be a doormat.

2. Friends / people who truly care about you, do not make you feel like shit.

3. Loving someone and hurting them at the same time—is it still love? Things that are done in the dark / behind their backs—doing it even though you know they hate it, is that being selfish?

4. You choose to mend your broken heart.

5. “Choose the one who loves you more.” Always.

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“Life is hard. There’s no way to predict what’s going to happen. Someone could back out of their driveway tomorrow and mow me down, and I would be dead before you. Right now is all anybody has. Right this minute. And yes, this diagnosis is unspeakably cruel and living with it will be a daily struggle, but as long as the good days outnumber the bad – You gotta live those days. Why would you give up rocky road ice cream before you have to…or swimming in the ocean or driving? God, driving with the top down on a sunny day? That has got to be worth living for.”

—Amelia, Private Practice

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“You know when you believe in something? And people challenge you about it and mock you for it? and then you see it all pay off? That’s an amazing feeling.”

—David Liu (Linsanity! Jeremy Lin recolors the culture of basketball, TIME Magazine)