A Lack of Colour

I get a kick outta you, Jamie

Posted in Gigs by Nathalia on April 14, 2010

Caught Jamie Cullum just now and he was mind-blowingly good (if there is even such a word). And he really interacted a lot with the audience. Ugh, I really wish I was upfront. He was like, all over the place. There was even once he went down from the stage and performed in the middle of the audiences. But of course, I couldn’t see anything because of the student-price seats. It felt like I was clubbing/ rocking out in a jazz bar seriously. We were standing, raising and swaying our hands with the lights from our mobile phones and jumpin’ around.

He improvised a lot of his songs and covers (Frontin’ was UNBELIEVABLE) and such a witty guy.. Before the concert, there was an announcement which states that no photography and recording was allowed to show courtesy to the artist. And when the show began, he was like, “Take as many pictures and videos as you like, and post it up — I don’t care. This is not a polite show, I promise you. We just want you guys to have a great time.” And when there’re latecomers, he’ll be like “Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything — I promise.”

I was feeling damn shitty the whole day and he just threw all my troubles away. You know like that verse in that song? “Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away” Hell yeah, my troubles were in Zimbabwe when I was watching him.

Favourites: High and dry, Frontin’, Cry Me A River (He did both the oldies version and the J.T version!!! Like a mash-up thingy!!), If I Ruled The World, These Are The Days (He did it with a Gold Digger – Kanye West intro — AWESOME SHIT I TELL YOU), Twentysomething (which he turned into thirtysomething because he said he’s not twentysomething anymore), and of course, ALL AT SEA.

I got my tickets signed, and I secretly snapped a picture of him.

He’s a really petite guy by the way. And oh-so adorable!!!!!!! Ok so this is fan girl, signing off.


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